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Home Support –
Housing & Planning Act

The owner of the company that delivers Healthy Habits Improve Performance events at Leges was subjected to an unlawful charge in regard to the Housing and Planning Act , specifically the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002. Our experience guided him toward conflict resolution and we successfully engaged with the freeholders agents to have the charge removed saving over £1000

SO Support Cost– £95 per hour. Total Hours 2. Total Cost £190
High Street Equivalent – 2 hours @ £250 per hour

Positive Social Impact
Personal- the individual feels now that they were treated fairly, they are empowered to deal with any future situations with a similar method, saving them money and the courts time.
Financial – A sum of money has been saved but more importantly an understanding of how the law works and an understanding of their responsibilities and expectations should be for the future.
Community– Empowering people within a community helps us all to take responsibility, help to develop others and remain open to new ideas. By a Community business helping this individual, in turn they feel more motivated to give back to their community.

Without SO Support

People struggling with conflict in and around their own homes with neighbours or Freeholders can have problems with stress and sleep. Over a long period this causes problems with mental and physical health, relationships with partners, friends and family, issues with work and often makes the person want to move to a new area to escape the issue.